Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Here and There

Got a return call at 7:00 am from Rob at Bug Splat (where do they come up with these names?) and I agreed to the $267 yearly charge. Texted my tenant, Eileen, to tell her and I hope that's the end of the ant problem.
I had told Sheena (she's from Ireland), the woman from whom I borrowed the car seat, that I'd return it at 9:00 yesterday. Considering that neither Ellen nor I could get it out of my car, I was hoping she could. However, my tire icon had lit up again, so I knew I needed air and went to Meineke. On impulse, I asked the guy at the desk if he could possibly look at the car seat and darned if he didn't fairly easily undo it. I was so grateful.
Got to Sheena's street, parked, and again had a slight problem finding her house. I knew the address was 5516, but here for some unfathomable reason, house numbers don't follow a logical sequence. Therefore, next to 5516 is 5573 and across the street is 5502. I've seen this several times before in Ventnura and am just at a loss to understand it.
I found her place, though, and she took the car seat. I asked if she'd like to have the toys I got for my grandson while he was here and, with thanks, she took all but the large Legos. Went home and had breakfast, then to SCAN to get a few more flyers. I want to take some to the BCNN meeting this morning.
Continued plowing though the things I've let linger for a while, including going through various papers I've been meaning to look at, most of which are trash, anyway. Wrote a note to N.'s mother for the pretty necklace she gave me and took it to the P.O. Went to WinCo to stock up on salad fixings and picked up spaghetti squash. I wanted blueberries, which are now my snack of choice when I watch T.V. (they substitute for the chips and ice cream I used to eat every night), but they had none and neither did two other stores. Finally found them at Smart 'n' Final.
Went to the beach after lunch and sat for a bit on my chair, but it was very, very windy, and I lasted only about fifteen minutes. From there, I went to the Goodwill near El's and donated the other car seat, plus a CD player I'd had in my trunk for months. I think it works, but it needs a new cable or something and I just never bothered to get it. I picked up a nice lidded box for three bucks; it's woven of straw or reeds or whatever the stuff is called--very rustic, a look I like and I put it on the lower shelf of the occasional table. Do I need it? Sure, like a hole in the head.

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