Monday, April 03, 2017


It was somewhat of a stressful day, as I had a slew of things piled up to take care of. Contacted CVS Caremark for my prescriptions (web site work and phone calls there and to the doctor's office); signed a bunch of forms from Michelle for my taxes, added a check with her fee and sent same; put some mail for Mike in a big envelope and took the last two to the P.O.; received and sent several text messages back and forth with my tenant re the exterminator hire; got in touch with the person who lent me the car seat; plus other stuff I don't even remember. Stopped at SCAN to get more flyers and chatted with Lety, the director and Diana (pronounced "Dee-Anna"), office assistant.
However, I jettisoned all the work--mentally, that is--to join the widder group for lunch. There were only six of us, but as ever, it was a congenial bunch. I stuck to ordering only a glass of Chardonnay and eating the tangerines I brought with me; had lunch at home later.
Went to the library after and asked if they'd put up a flyer on my acting course. Stayed to relax and read a little; however, I didn't take anything out as I'm concentrating on Kaplan's Sinatra book (volume 1), which is gigantically huge. Drove to the museum and parked, then walked to the little square I like to sit for just fifteen or so. By that time, it was after 4:00 and I left.

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