Monday, April 03, 2017


Back to normal--or semi-normal, anyway; I'm missing Mr. K. and his parents.
I had forgotten to turn the alarm off, so it rang at 5:00 am; decided to get up, as I was thoroughly rested. I had coffee, of course, but went out to Lowe's at about 7:00 to get the Bona floor system cleaner, which manager Patti said was recommended for a modest shine. Did the usual Sunday after breakfast things. Went to Smart 'n' Final for coconut oil and tangerines.
Betty called and we had a long, long, sisterly talk. I then cored, pared, and cut up the apples, and put them to slow-cook with a quartered orange and cinnamon. Put carrot chips, onions, and lemon pepper in the smaller slow cooker and did the same. I wasn't sure how the latter would turn out, but it's actually pretty good
Went out after lunch to get a vegetable dish. Ellen gave me one I use a lot for my various veggie concoctions, but my others are either too large, too fancy for every day,or too small. Picked one up at The Dollar Tree, along with an apple corer and salad tongs. (I can't imagine where my other ones are.)
I then went into town. It was pleasantly crowded, but not too much so and I sat for a time in the little park (swatches of green, a huge tree, a beautiful tiled fountain and it's across from the lovely mission church). Walked along Thompson Avenue and into the Watch Tower Inn. Years and years ago--was Mike still in college?--at least twenty, we went to the restaurant here for dinner. I'd love to go again.
Went to a few thrift stores and picked up another glass dish, but really just enjoyed strolling down the street. Got home about 4:00 and as I was pulling in, got a text from niece Carolyn, just back from Colorado. I called her and we had a long--well, aunt-y chat.

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