Friday, April 14, 2017

Post-Drip And Protest

Maintenance guy Javier came over shortly after 8:00. To his surprise--and mine, you can be sure--there was no evidence of a leak at all. He ran the water in both sides of the double sink, ran the dishwasher, ran the garbage disposal, and--dry as a bone. Geez, what could have caused the water leakage? I went to the office and talked this over with assistant manager Jim. The only thing we could come up with is, it came from the apartment above. It hasn't reoccurred, but I'm uneasy it might.
Took a regular load to the laundry place, then set another washer up with the bathroom mats, lid cover, and tub mat. Had breakfast in the 30 minutes that took, then put the regular in a dryer, and took the bathroom stuff home to dry on the patio.
The dryer takes 45 minutes, so I went to WinCo for a few items; by the time I got back and put the goods away, clothes were finished. Retrieved, folded, and put away, had lunch, then drove into town and went to the library. I took out Arthur Schlesinger's journals for 1956 to 2000, as I'm still in the grip of his conversations with Jackie Kennedy and the political aura of that time. Went to City Hall to pick up some flyers about the "Meet The Press" event coming up. It's sponsored by the Ventura Council for Seniors, of which I'm vice chair, and one of our other members is director of the Parks and Recreation Commission for the city.
I stopped at Cat's Cradle Thrift Store, just to browse and saw a nice, large basket I picked up to buy. However, I walked into the dry goods room (bedspreads, place mats, etc.) and saw another really terrific looking big basket, very rustic, and I loved the look. It held lengths of fabric and technically, wasn't for sale, but I asked the sales person in the front if I could buy it and simply transfer the fabric. Yep, they'd do it and I have a wonderful addition to the living room I got for a song. Hmm...of course, I already have magazines in a large basket in the living room, but I transferred them to the new one and will figure something out for the old.
Went to the fountain park, then to the beach. I thought I'd sit for a half hour or so, but it was so unbelievably windy, I didn't take out my chair.
El called to say she had gotten poster board for the "Trump Taxes" protest tomorrow and did I want half for a sign? Yes, but I'll be emphasizing the Syria slaughter, not the domestic thing, which I think could well be a diversion by the Deep State. We decided we'd attend the Ventura gathering instead of Santa Barbara's, and go to Carolyn's after.

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