Friday, April 07, 2017

Chores and Errands

A mixed chores and errands day. Did the wash in the morning, with the various steps that entails. After all was folded and put away, I went to Sprouts, the new fresh food store in the Barnes & Noble shopping center. They had blackberries for a dollar a pint! Must have been a loss leader and I bought two. Looked for halibut and found it, but it was $12.99 a pound and while I was considering, one of the nice young fishmongers (or minimum wage clerks) pointed out rock fish, caught in the wild Atlantic, and said it was very good. As I've noted before, I'm often an easy sell and I was sold. The store even put a mango lime seasoning on it at no charge. (When I got home, I had to look up how to cook it--pan fry, happily.)
By the time I got home, it was almost 2:00. Had lunch, picked up the mail, and found my meds (excellent--CVS Caremark), plus a wonderful picture of my sibs and me, circa 1940. This was from my dear cousin, Marifran, in Cinncinati. I called her and we had a long, long talk. What a fine, good person she is. Unfortunately, she has cancer on or in her kidney and, after three years of abeyance, it's growing again. My cuz has suffered from asthma all her life and surgery could kill her. No surgery could kill her, too, I'm afraid. She's only 73, has a good husband and one unmarried daughter with no children. Anyway, I love her a lot and I hope she can survive.
After that, I went to the library, my usual haunt, and put up a flyer about my class. After, I drove to a parking place I know and (just because I wanted to get some exercise in), walked to the little park across from the mission. From there, I called my friend, Nancy, who had her gall bladder out on Wednesday, incredibly, as an outpatient. She's doing okay aside from pain resulting from the air in her stomach. Had half the rock fish for dinner, just simply pan frying in coconut oil in my cast-iron skillet. It was delicious, so I have a new item to add to my menus.

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iloveac said...

Rockfish was our fish of choice when Rich and I went out to eat in Virginia Beach. It was caught nearby, if I remember correctly. It wasn't always available and always very expensive, but so worth it. We never tried to cook it-- not sure why.