Sunday, April 09, 2017

Nothing Much

I woke up earlier than I like, about 5:45,* but got up. No matter what time I get up, I don't eat breakfast until at least 8:30. Waited and by that time, I was hungry
Spent a lot of the morning coring, paring, and cutting eight big apples. I had so many they didn't all fit in the larger slow cooker, so I had to use the smaller one, too. I had received my meds in the mail and I set them up in my seven pill holders. It's gratifying to realize that, although I paid $18.40 a month ($220.80 per year) to Humana, the same meds with CVS/caremark are only $17.45 every three months, or $69.80 a year. I ran out of my sleep aid, so went over to Wal-Mart for more. Re-checked my weight-loss record and was chagrined to realize I'm only ten pounds down, not twelve as I had thought. Oh, well, I think I'll be twelve off next time.
Called Betty and we chatted. Called El, then went over to drop off a few things for her and Greg. I stayed for an hour or so to chat. Went to Wal-Mart for paper products, then to the library just to drop off a book, so skipped the main one and went to the branch in West Ventura.
Aside from that, nothing much.
* But today, I just got up at 8:00, later than I want to. Guess I'll have to set the alarm, as 7:00 is my preferred get-up time.

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