Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Caregivers And Et Cetera

As promised, I went to Caregivers at 10:00 to help put "wafers" on brochures for mailing. These are just round stickers to keep the stuff together, but the P.O. specifies they must be in certain places, two per item. I was pleased to see Jonathan there and met two new people: Roseann, who has volunteered for years and Adrianna, a high school girl who is liaison with other kids her age. Director Tammy and Volunteer Coordinator Courtney were both there, also, everybody busily sticking on wafers. A woman from a hospice agency came in for a meeting, as did a man from Ventura Memorial. They were there to discuss a "partnership" with Caregivers and I was surprised that Tammy invited them to sit down and put wafers on while they held their meeting. They did and it was interesting, especially as it was held right there.
I stayed until almost 1:00, then left and went to WinCo for shrimp and salad fixings. Went home and had a big salad with chicken for lunch. Drove into town, parked, and made the rounds of my usual thrift stores. I always walk past a garden place and I saw they're having a "container plantings" seminar on May 6. I put it on my calendar because I want to learn more about it and start at least a rudimentary garden on the patio.
To that end, I found a beautiful blue, large ceramic container in one of the thrift stores. Bought it for five bucks, along with a lovely large plate I just couldn't resist. Saw in the window a "Regency" plate priced at twenty-five bucks. I have no intention of buying it, but asked to examine it--I have six plates very much like it. Hmm, wonder if they're also worth something.
I had the trout for dinner, embellishing it with fresh rosemary and smoked paprika. This time, I pan-fried it with olive oil, rather than coconut oil; I might switch to that, at least for a time, as I thought it tasted even more flavorful. Walked over to VONS for paper towels, but had forgotten my VONS card, plus Bounty was almost six bucks, which I just refuse to pay for paper towels. Will get some tomorrow at one of the other markets.
Darn, I again had trouble sleeping. I always fall asleep easily, then have to get up (last night at 2:30), then find it difficult to go back. Hope it doesn't last.

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