Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Perking Along

Things are perking up. Did my wash and made a big salad for lunch. Called Assurant, my rental insurance, to drop the policy, then AAA, to ask them to write me a policy to start on the same day. The latter (I guess because I have tripe-A car insurance), will charge me exactly half what Assurant does. I would never bother with rental (for possessions) insurance, but it's required here. I think the possibility of my things being stolen or in a fire or something is so remote, it's silly, but oh, well. Fooled around on the computer with this and that. Got a message from cousin John, with pictures of a Mommy Squirrel and her babies; she had appropriated his "engine compartment" for a nesting place. Cute pics. He also sent info on some natural help for arthritis. I'll look at it when I have a chance.
I had written to long-time Rider employees, Kathy B. (50 years) and Vickie W. (30 years), with congrats and got a nice message back from Kathy. Also heard from Dave P., to whom I had finally written back on Sunday. I had found an entry on my blog from April, 2007 about meeting him for lunch after I retired and I included that, which tickled him. What a neat guy.
El called just to say hello and that was nice. She said she, Gregg, and I were invited to my niece's in Alameda for Easter, but Greg has to work. She declined with thanks for all of us, citing that and my knee
Showered and dressed for the widder dinner. It was a fun group last night; about 14 of us. I sat next to Pam and across from Chuck, the newlyweds (January), who met in this very group just six months ago. Vera was on my other side and Susan across from her, so I chatted with those I like a lot in this group. Joyce came in and I talked to her after. She had had knee surgery recently (still uses a cane) and I wanted to ask about her experience. We sat down together and I got some good feedback, some a little off-putting. However, I think Joyce tends to be more a "down" person than up; that is, she seems to look more on the negative than otherwise. However, I enjoyed talking to her and we promised to meet for lunch sometime.
The big news of the evening came with a visit to our table from the manager. He informed us that Yolanda's would be closed for several months in the summer for a complete renovation. We were surprised, as it's a pretty nice place, with murals of Mexican life on the walls and other reasonably authentic touches. However, we were told there were plumbing and other structural "issues." I got the impression the whole place would be leveled and rebuilt.
Not being a devotee of Mexican food, I was indifferent to the news, but where we would meet in all those months is a question. A few suggestions were bandied about, but Vera and Susan will make that decision and I'm sure I'll be happy with any.
Before we left, I announced to the group that I'd be conducting the acting course, starting in September, and several expressed interest. I told them--I believe Hans indicated this--that you don't have to be over fifty to enroll. Pam immediately expressed interest, but I doubt if she'll be able to participate, as she subs in schools and works until 2:30. I had forgotten that the Center closes at 3:00, so I'll have to schedule in the morning.

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