Thursday, March 03, 2016

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Yesterday was the Beach Cities Newcomers and Neighbors monthly coffee gathering--really breakfast--to which I invited Nancy. Met her at the door and she got a temporary name sticker. The breakfast was good, as ever, and included both sweet and savory, plus fruit, tea, and of course, coffee. After that, there was a short meeting, "happy birthday" singing to March babies, and some other announcements.
The speaker was a psychologist and her topic was the trite old "Aging Gracefully" thing, with the cheery advice everybody over 50--or over 10--has heard a million times: Pay attention to your inner self, exercise, take courses, paint or play golf or garden, read, volunteer, and on and on and on and on. Annoyingly, this woman simply talked, enlarding her blather with cliches galore. If there are been some visuals it might not have been quite so tedious. Anyway, we suffered through it. I'm not sure why people seem to accept this kind of thing as if it's New and Interesting. It isn't and wasn't.
They have had some speakers who were N. and I., especially the vegan chef who went to collage, then opened her own catering service after her husband left her penniless. At the time, she was suffering from stage 2 cancer and had two children under 5. Hey, talk about triumphing over a lousy deal in life--that gal was great (it helped that she was an excellent speaker). Nancy has decided to join the group--the only one of the many I'm now in that charges dues, yet it's the one which I probably enjoy least. That's not to say that I don't enjoy it at all, though, so I guess I'll sign up again.
After that, we went directly to the Ventura Center, where we got our three-buck lunch and I introduced Nancy around. Modest though this place is, and somewhat eccentric though some of the patrons are, I like it a lot. We sat with Barbara and a friend of hers new to the Center, plus a man whose name I didn't catch. I didn't see Marie, who came in later; she had been doggy-sitting for her daughter's pooch.
She mentioned that she had seen Spotlight on Monday; darn, I wish she had thought to call me. However, I looked on line and saw that it will still be there next Monday. That's perfect because I have the widder group lunch at noon and there's a 1:45 showing.
When I got home, I called niece Carolyn and she said she thought she and Dana could pick up the chair on Saturday. I asked is they would mind taking the antique table to Ellen's, who has decided to put it in her present house. Of course, she said they would--can't wait to get both chair and table out of here.
Went out to get wire to put the wreath back up on my front door. I'm so inept with things like that--I hope it holds. So far it has, but I wish I could say the same for the picture with frame I switched from one wall to another. It looked great over the settee, but an hour later, I heard a bump/thump as it fell. Called El, who said she'd put it back up for me.
Marking the end of my "eating down" routine, I Went to WinCo for several pounds of chicken thighs, which I oiled, seasoned(with lemon pepper), and baked. Had two for dinner and yum, they were delightful. I let the others cool a bit, then wrapped them for the freezer and the future.

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