Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Ad and Aspercreme

Boy, was my knee bothering me yesterday. I called the PT to see if I could get an earlier appointment and yes, I can go in today at 3:15--good. I spent a fair amount of time on the computer (this seems to be a pattern and it may not be a good one) besides light housework. Called the Ventura Star, a rag to which I have a daily subscription, with an eye toward advertising the Garage Sale of the Century, which will be at Ellen's next Saturday. I couldn't believe the cost for a dinky four lines, but at least the young woman to whom I spoke was very pleasant. She commiserated with me, saying the paper was being sold to Gannett.
Hmm...that's the outfit that I think eventually bought The Trenton Times and owns an enormous number of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, all or most of which used to be independent. I know The Trenton Times was because I interviewed the last private owner, James Kearny, for American Jewish Life; I still have that article somewhere. One of his antecedents started the paper and members of his family were movers and shakers in central Jersey. I talked to him in his large and beautiful home in Princeton and, as I recall, he was very cordial--plus good-looking and sexy. My article centered on the fact the Washington Post Group had just bought the paper; this was in 1974. I don't think most people realize how hugely the media is controlled by just a few corporate groups.
Went to WinCo and got Aspercreme, along with several other items. Home, I had messages from Betty and Ellen and called them back. Betty and I wished each other Happy Easter. El and I discussed the garage sale, at which she and I will both make thousands. I had e-mailed for her approval the ad I wrote, along with a flyer I made up that I'll post here and there where I can. El also suggested seeing 10 Cloverfield Lane today--there's a showing at 4:50, when I should be out of P.T. Sure thing, sounds good.
I applied the Aspercreme and I think it may have helped. It's a bit early to know yet, though, and there was no sense in putting any on when I got home, as the knee only hurts when I walk, anyway. We'll see.

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