Monday, March 28, 2016


Very enjoyable Easter Sunday, and what a contrast to when the kids were little.
In those days, we all used to wear our "Easter outfits"--somewhere there are pictures of my daughters and me in outfits I made myself (incredible!) one year--and go to church. We squealed over Easter baskets and played "upper-upper" with the dyed eggs we had had so much fun decorating the day before. I always had a basket for Pat, as he liked coconut eggs. We'd go somewhere after breakfast, maybe to Philly or to take the train in New Hope which, as Ellen reminded me yesterday, "didn't go anywhere." Sometimes, we went down to Ventnor to Mother's or Betty's or even out to eat. It was quite an elaborate holiday that took weeks of planning to make happen.
Yesterday? I got to El's about 1:00 and El presented me with a plant with pretty pink tulips and a lovely card. We went to Oxnard to see 10 Cloverfield Lane. I had known nothing about it and it was--well, peculiar, to say the least, but not being a habitual movie goer, I enjoyed it. We stopped after to see Greg at work, then went home while El whipped up dinner and I sat and talked to her. Did I help? Even a little? Nope. I offered, but she declined my services and fine by me.
Here's a little digression: Several years ago, I was visiting my brother and his wife in Virginia. We had a good dinner that my Sis-in-Law had prepared and after, she got up to clear the table. I asked if I could help and my SIL went in the kitchen, got a piece of paper, and handed it to me. I had a little verse on it to the effect that she did not want me to help, so I could stick it in my--. No, no, it was cordial and light-hearted enough, but for a hostess "fail," seems to me it took the cake. Good grief, just say "no"; I'm not going to twist your arm.
So I happily sat and talked while El did the work. When she was almost finished, we each had a glass of pinot grigio. She made a nice vegan casserole with spinach, cauliflower, chick peas, tomatoes, which she served with sourdough bread, tapas, a veggie plate with hummus, and other goodies. Delicious and I got some to take home. My friend called while we were at the movie, and we called back, but didn't get her. Will catch up today, I hope.
I stayed until the unearthly hour of 8:00, happily going home with a container of the main course. (I'll be back today, as I promised to feed Sebastian while El and Greg take a trip to San Luis Obispo overnight.) I just watched my usual allotment of Forensic Files for an hour, then turned in.
Yes, it was very different from the Easter of years ago, yet maybe more enjoyable. I cherish those long-ago days and wouldn't trade them for anything, but things change and rightly so. Yesterday, we were relaxed and happy and did what we wanted to, rather than following some script written by others.
And now--it's spring!

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