Sunday, March 27, 2016

PT and So On

Awoke at 6:15, which suits me; I really don't want to stay in bed longer. After breakfast, I looked again in cyber-space for a tall dresser. I have some possibles, but hope I can actually see some "in person," so to speak. Drove to town and went to a few stores. Bought two candles from Kohl's, then started back to my car, about a city block away. Unfortunately, my knee started to hurt more and more until I was holding on to the sides of buildings. A woman asked if I wanted to lean on her arm--yes, I did and she escorted me to my car. I had put the Aspercreme on, but either I didn't use enough or it was wishful thinking that it helped. Once I got home, I had no problem; I assume it's walking on concrete that exacerbates the knee, as I don't seem to have as much pain on the carpet.
El called and we made plans for me to stop there after my PT appointment, then go to the movies at The Collection in Oxnard. Had lunch, showered and washed my hair, then went to my physical therapy appointment.
Diana remembered me from when I was there months ago with the balance problem. She took me in and had me walk toward her, then away from her. She asked about when the knee was painful, what made it worse, when it eased up, and so on. She then had me get up on the table and do certain exercises, which included stretching, flexing, and so on. She also massaged and manipulated the knee and talked about what was going on in there based on the x-ray. I did several of the exercises with her and she said she was pleased at how I was easily able to perform them. She gave me a paper with them illustrated and said I should do ten in the morning and in the afternoon.
It was 4:15 by the time I left and I drove to Ellen's. When I got there, she said she had called me on the cell and left messages--I didn't hear the ring or my purse was elsewhere. Anyway, she asked if I minded going to the movies today instead, as she had some things she wanted to get done. I didn't mind at all; in fact, I preferred going in the afternoon today. I'll go over there at 1:00 and after the movie, we'll have dinner with Gregg at their place.

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