Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Here and There

Busily busy. Stripped my bed and took sheets and other wash to the laundry place; filled two machines. Went home to re-do bed and finish the crossword puzzle, then back twice, of course, to put in dryer and retrieve clothes. It's now getting to seem perfectly normal and natural to have to leave my apartment to do my wash. After all, I don't have to slosh them in the river.
Finally connected with my friend in New Mexico, who called me back from Roswell. Did she see any aliens? Not this time. She said they were there to do some shopping--Mike was at The Home Depot--and they had taken the motorcycle, her on the back--aagh! And it's seventy-five miles--double aagh! These crazy kids on Social Security and their biker molls!
Got a message from my cousin, Diana, to the effect that Shirley Figenshu has died. She was my cousin, Bud's, second wife, and was 91. She and Bud, a widower, had met when he went to buy furniture at the up-scale shop where she worked. I guess he was in his fifties, she maybe 45 or so. (Shirley was Jewish, which some of the family remarked upon, but not in any derogatory way, just as an interesting aspect of our new cuz.) She sold him stuff, they chatted, he stopped in again--and the rest is history. They married and had a beautiful love affair for many years until Bud died. Called Betty to tell her.
Did some housework before lunch; showered and washed hair before getting color. Yes, I know that's silly, so shoot me.
When I got to Penney's for my 2:00 appointment, I discovered there had been a mix-up and the person who was supposed to color my hair didn't actually start until 3:00--did I want to wait for Chris or have someone else? Well, I sure as hell wasn't going to wait, and I got Amanda. She did color just the way I wanted it and besides, was fun to talk to. In fact, I always have to wait for 35 minutes or so for the color to set, and instead of strolling away, she plopped herself in the chair next to me and we had a great conversation. I really HATE going to the hair dresser, especially for color, I find it so boring, but this wasn't. Hair looks good, too, and I'll ask for her next time.
Zipped up to the library after to return some books, then went to CVS for the OME, etc. refill. Ellen called in the evening and we had a good long talk--always a pleasure.
All in all, a satisfying day.

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