Monday, February 29, 2016

Chairs and Easter Eggs

I took a picture of the four chairs I got with the kitchen set (because I decided to use the ones I already had) and put them up for sale on Craig's List. A few hours later, somebody called about them. Righto, sir, you can have 'em, he and his wife came over, paid what I had asked, and off they went. Good, good, good, now I just need to get the mahogany table over to Ellen's garage
I finally looked in the last place I could think of for my 2014 tax return--in the bench my Uncle Frank. I wasn't very hopeful and no, it wasn't there. I am absolutely sure I have it somewhere (unless it was accidentally thrown away), but I'm stumped. Called Michelle, who will do my taxes, and told her, but while we were talking, I mentioned I hadn't rented the house out until July, 2015. Then you don't need that return, she said, which was just as I had thought. I had told her this before, but she must have misunderstood.
In fact, says Little Miss All's Right With The World (Little Miss Sunshine's twin), it actually was a good thing I frantically searched for it. I was forced to go through a lot of stuff and get rid of some--or at least organize it better. I put some salable items in my trunk and will sell them at Ellen's yard sale the week after Easter.
Speaking of Easter, I came across the painted wooden eggs I put out for Easter for years. I had bought them from Kathy Burd, who works in Rider's University Communications office and will be honored at the Longtimers Reception on March 10 for fifty years service. I just got my invitation and boy, I wish I could go. I recognize a lot of names, many of whom I hired, but as time goes on, there are fewer and fewer. I no longer know those who were hired ten or fewer years ago because I retired 13 years ago. That gives me a funny feeling, not entirely enjoyable.
But back to Kathy Burd: She had relatives in Poland, many desperately poor. Years ago--20 or so--some of them painted and sold Easter eggs in the traditional Slavic manner. Kathy showed us at Rider and many bought them. I did several years running and have always liked the way they look in a basket with "grass." I went out and bought the grass and arranged them in a basket for my kitchen table. See below for pictures.
Took a quick trip to the post office and the library. Made the black bean soup I've been wanting to try; I'm firmly convinced beans, in particular black ones, which are loaded with fiber, are good for your innards. Besides, I like them. Incidentally, I bought two green zucchini the other day, mistaking them for cucumbers! Joke was on me, but I made zucchini casserole with them, so no harm done. Had the two concoctions for dinner and they were very tasty.

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iloveac said...

Rosemary, they are gorgeous.

I've made the same mistake w/ cukes-- made me laugh.

BTW, I am so impressed how you use Craig's list. I never did. I didn't want people coming to my house. I, like you, could have arranged to meet the buyer at a public place-- dummy me.