Friday, February 19, 2016

Where To Invade Next

Went to Camarillo to see Where To Invade Next and put my review on Facebook: "Conservatives will hate it ("taxes'll go up by 50 percent!"); quasi-liberals will love it ("that's just what Bernie says!"); pacifists will be disappointed ("he barely touched on militarism!"); and the general public will ignore it. As for me, I thought it was worth seeing. Yes, Moore's garb--his shtick--gets old, but that's a minor item. He introduces things that need to be examined and you get to see some gorgeous countries and interesting people. Flawed? Sure, but it gets you thinking--or it ought to."
Of course, he didn't go into any depth--couldn't, considering the countries he explored. Aside from Tunisia in North Africa, he sticks to Europe, possibly thinking Americans couldn't "relate" as well to Asians or other ethnic groups--a telling idea, it seems to me.
It's plenty flawed, partly because he strays away from his main thesis into slavery here, the Holocaust in Germany there, and anti-feminism here and there. To illustrate, he mixes law, tradition, history, culture, and anything else he can throw at complicated subjects to see if they stick. Yet for what he was aiming at, it's not bad. Other countries--almost all the "developed" ones--have universal health care and many have free education. In addition, other penal systems are light years away from our dismal belief in incarcerating for minor infractions and what often seems cruel and unusual punishment. In particular, the Norwegian method is startling: They believe in rehabilitation (which seems to have been rejected in the U.S. years ago) rather than revenge.
Anyway, all in all, I'm glad I saw it.
Ellen called last night and will come over tomorrow to accompany me to the bank. I've been meaning to open a safe deposit box since I got here and I asked her to co-sign so, if I kick off all of a sudden, there won't be any legal hassles to get into it. She has an appointment after with her real estate agent to see some places in Ojai.

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