Friday, February 05, 2016


Continued clearing up various "business" business--that is, financial, medical, and so on. These are the mundane things most adults have to do, so I won't go into particulars. Sent the little girls in Singapore their Valentine cards, and made up two for the two (big and little) boys in Jersey. (I tucked a bill into each of theirs.)
Called Betty to tell her the results of my ordeal and we had a good chat. Called her daughter and my niece, Carolyn, to see when it would be convenient for us to get together. Continuing cousin Diana's challenge, I had a big salad for lunch, with hard-boiled eggs I had had in the fridge. Heated up the delicious pork roast I had made the other day for dinner.
I got a nice e-mail from Dave Perry, who was our Information Systems Manager at Rider when I was there; he retired last year or so. He didn't know I had moved and I got a Christmas card forwarded about three times. I wrote him a snail mail letter to tell him he and his wife may want to take me off their Christmas card list. I always liked Dave a lot--we could happily bitch about others together and we shared some of the same spiritual--read "non-spiritual"--ideas and beliefs. I'll write back shortly.
Finally wrote back to Grey about his mother with the brain tumor. He's another guy with whom I seemingly have nothing in common--he's 54, younger than two of my children, gay, and Jewish--yet we clicked and are as open (and irreverent, our language being sometimes downright lewd) as teenaged besties. I met him several years ago at Players & Playwrights, which he's more or less abandoned as an interest.
Ellen's car was in the shop and she had a meeting at a different school, so asked me to pick her up there at 4:00 and drop her at the garage. Just as she called, I got a message from my Two Guys in Tokyo asking me to Skype and I did, but we could only talk for a few minutes. I'll try to catch them another time. Picked up Ellen, dropped her off, then zipped home.

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