Monday, February 01, 2016

Rain and Pedicures

I was startled to see rain in the morning--it's so unusual here, it seems almost unnatural. We surely need it, though, and it felt cozy as I happily hunched over coffee and crossword puzzles for several hours. My dear brother, Jim (the guy who will be 90 in less than three weeks), called and we chatted for twenty minutes or so. Later, my electricity blinked on and off several times and when I went back to use this computer, it was out. Darn! I knew if I tried to get on the floor to manipulate the wires, I might not be able to get up, so I didn't.
Hopped in the shower, then met Ellen at Jessica's Nails for our joint two o'clock appointment. Both got pedicures, both in a pretty mauve color, but while we were sitting there, the lights went out. There was much laughing and chattering about that, just as there always is when electricity first goes out. After a time, though, it's no long a fun, novel occurrence, but a total pain in the rear. Luckily, it was out only for about a half hour, so that was okay.
Dear El came back to look at my computer, unplugged a wire, we waited a few minutes, then she plugged it in again and it worked. I hope the next time, I'm not such a boob about it and can do it myself. We chatted for a bit, then said goodbye. I'll see her tomorrow, of course, when I start with The Ordeal.

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