Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sofa and Dinner

I bought myself a sofa!
It's the one I went back to look at several times. This is charcoal gray, so maybe a bit darker than ideal, but as Ellen pointed out, when I get the big Atlantic City photos hung, they'll harmonize with it nicely. I was pleased to discover, incidentally, that Sofas, Etc. is privately owned. Somehow, I like that better than a huge, 700-store conglomerate.
I had dealt all along with Sharon Somebody, but she was off yesterday. I asked Gabrielle, the young woman who wrote up the sale, if she and Sharon could split the commission, but she was perfectly fine with Sharon getting it. I must remember, once the sofa comes and is satisfactory, to comment favorably on the store via Yelp.
I was told the guy who delivers the furniture (for $65, as they contract it out) was getting some kind of medical procedure and wouldn't be able to deliver until the 23rd. That was okay with me--after all, I haven't had a sofa for seven months--but the guy called a few hours later and said he could deliver it today. All the better.
I then called Ryan Somebody, whose business is art work and told him what I wanted. We haggled a bit over his fee (300 smackers? No way!) and agreed to $180 for the A.C. pics and a fair-sized mirror. But darn, I forgot about the three-panel pic--I'll call and try to persuade him to include that for the original amount.
Went into town to drop some books at the library, then stopped into a few stores. I didn't sleep well Sunday into Monday and I think that's because I spent too much time immobile at the computer and not enough walking and other exercise. (Maybe a valid assumption, as I slept well last night.)
Got home to shower and prepare for the widder dinner--which almost, but not quite, rhymes, something I have a tiresome habit of noticing. I was very early, but so was Gayle, the only one in the group I dislike. She's a self-absorbed, motormouth talker, supremely confident that everyone wants to know all the boring details of her life. No wonder hubby kicked off.
Soon, others came, too, including my pal, Nancy, so there were about twelve of us. I gave Pam (whose four-month anniversary of her husband's death it was; I hadn't realized it was so recent) and her fiancee, Chuck (whose loss is pretty recent, too) the letter I had intended to e-mail them except I lost her e-address. It contained suggestions about getting into acting. Will they? Hmm...I've been asked to do this before, several times, but to my knowledge, the asker never followed through. I might refer the reader to my entry of January 19 for the Mozart story.


iloveac said...

Gray is good....you can change pillows of all colors/seasons to spice it up.
I guess you're not willing me the big AC pics...boo hoo. They will look wonderful in sunny CA.

Mimi said...

Pat, I'm sorry we weren't able to find them that day in A.C. When they're up, I'll send you a pic of the place.