Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nancy Lunch

Another pleasant day. I met Nancy at 1:00 at the Macaroni Grille (right across Telephone Road from me, about a quarter mile), where we've been before. We both had pasta verde, she a glass of white wine, I a Blue Moon. Had good conversation, too, of course. I invited Nancy to the BCNN coffee on Wednesday, which she may or may not attend (I'll go either way). Also mentioned the Ventura Senior Center lunch and she'll definitely meet me there next week.
After, she came to my place to see my A.C. pics and liked them very much. We then sat in my spiffy living room (okay, one side of the room looks good, the other is a work in progress) and continued our talk, confiding in each other with trust, as friends do. Nancy had been hurt by her stepson and his wife and told me about it. We also talked about the pain in the rear dealing with medical stuff. She's been having problems with Humana--the same drug insurance I have--paying for her infusions for anemia and what a drag, as I well know. She stayed about an hour, then I walked her out to her car to direct her how to get on the 110 back to Oak View.
I was pleased to have niece Carolyn tell me on Facebook that she (they) can come over the weekend, presumably to get the chair I'm giving her--good! I have a few more plans for moving furniture around that I want to put into practice soon.
Had my leftover curry from yesterday for dinner, which means I have leftover pasta from dinner yesterday for lunch today. I also bought a cauliflower Wednesday, meaning to roast it, as I had seen on FB. Then Ellen called, so I put it in the fridge. Will pair it with the pasta today.
Soon, at long last, February will be over and I'll be released from my self-imposed "eating down" regime. Cam't wait to stir-fry up from fresh hamburger, onions, and garlic!

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