Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Lunch with Carolyn

Got a call in the morning from a woman in Ojai interested in the tableware set I had advertised on CraigsList. Her husband teaches in at UCLA and could stop here to pick them up (and pay me) on his way home. I couldn't accommodate yesterday for the reason below, but said he could come today. (I wish somebody would fall for the antique table.)
Had a neat time with my niece, Carolyn. I drove to her house in Santa Barbara and, after she took care of some necessary business on the phone (she's a self-employed grant writer), off we went for lunch. I asked to go to a restaurant she, Ellen, and I had gone to a few years ago which overlooks the gorgeous beach. Well, it was 84 degree and the place was jammed. There was a 20-minute wait and we decided not to stay. Carolyn suggested the harbor and we went there. First place we went to was also jammed, but we found another great place. Sat on a side porch with great views. It was fully shaded, I'm happy to say, as the sun was fierce. Temperature? 84 degrees, but not at all humid, as it would be in Jersey. It was heavenly.
We got soup, Caesar salad, and each beer, then talked happily. It was great to catch up with her and her family's doings.
We drove back and I said goodbye, as I wanted to get on the freeway before the heavy going-home-from-work traffic. Did so with no problem.
Got home and checked my e-mail. I had a message from my tenant, Eileen, to the effect that the light fixtures on each side of the garage and on the porch were flaking and needed to be replaced. I called my old neighbor, Bill G., who's a contractor and had a nice chat with him. He said he'd buy the fixtures and install them and send me the bill. Okay, no prob.

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