Sunday, February 14, 2016

Antiques and Related Stuff

I didn't plan it that way, but it turned out to be an all antique-y, things for sale, Craig's List day.
Ellen called in the morning and said she and Greg planned to start cleaning her house, preparing for its sale. She may want my help today--otherwise, we can probably do something fun together. I told her either one is fine by me.
I suddenly decided to finally unpack the three large picture containers that have been sitting unopened against the bedroom wall for three months. Before that, they were sitting unopened in my other apartment for four months. I didn't even remember what was in them, but discovered the two original paintings by my Uncle Frank, plus the two large pictures I got in Virginia years ago, plus the large picture I bought from Betty's neighbor's estate sale about twenty years ago. I really like all of these and if I ever get around to finding somebody to hang them and the large Atlantic City ones, I'll be happy.
I had to take three trips to the trash enclosure with the cardboard and other wrappings, but I did it. On a roll, I then went into one of the many boxes of pictures--these were framed--I still have. Retained some and took others out of the frames; put the frames in the donate box.
After switching out my jewelry, as noted before, I remembered I wanted to offer my original oriental jewelry chest on Craig's List. Took a picture of it closed, then with the drawers opened and few pieces artistically arranged. Decided on a price, wrote out a blurb, and put it on the list. I renewed my offering of the antique table--still no takers.
I wanted to get out then, so took a drive into town. I suddenly saw an antique/collectibles shop on a corner and turned in, as I had picture of my table in the car. Geez, that place was jammed to the rafters with artifacts of every type imaginable. However, they don't handle furniture, said the very pleasant and accommodating proprietor, but he suggested I go to Antiques Adventures, a collection of dealers, and he ever drew me a little map on how to get there.
It was no problem,as it's right off Victoria Road, with which I'm familiar. However, the man there said they don't buy furniture, but have it shipped in from--Ohio? Well, somewhere, for some reason. So I left, but when I got home, my eye fell on my Rider memorabilia.
Now this I need like a hole in the head, but I used to collect it and I have quite a lot, ranging from a 1912 tuition bill to postcards from the thirties to a program for the dedication of the new School of Business in 1988. I took pictures of the items, then spent several hours describing each piece. Will put them on Craig's List sometime or other, but I also want to list them on various Facebook flea market pages. I'll also try getting the info on Rider's FB page--that may fly, but probably not.

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