Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thrift Stores, Silver, and Pat

Various and sundry. Changed my bed linens, did two loads of wash, and dusted a bit. That takes a few seconds to record, but several hours to complete. I went to CVS to get the rest of my Ome--(?) medication, then to Goodwill store for their fifty percent off sale.
I'm not sure why I like to buy certain things at thrift stores. I actually can afford to buy them new, but it bugs me to pay full price for some items--drinking glasses, for instance. Now that I no longer drink wine in the evening, I drink soda, which is strange, as I was never a soda fan; I don't really like carbonated beverages. However, I drink iced tea at lunch and dinner and I wanted a change at night. But that means I use three glasses a day and not having had the foresight to bring many from Jersey, I needed to stock up. (Why, yes, she could wash some by hand, but Her Laziness doesn't feel like doing that.) So I bought four tumblers, plus two small baskets for fruit and veggies. Total cost: two dollars. (It's a kind of game, I guess.)
Betty called to tell me she had a solar panel guy come and may get them. I can't imagine deciding not to; I've had mine for years and saw my electric bill drop like a stone. The outfit Betty might use doesn't even change a leasing fee, which seems peculiar, but hey, better than the forty dollars a month I pay.
I again called Dan, the husband of the woman who said she wanted my silver set, and yes, he'll call me to say when he can come. He teaches in L.A., not sure where, and she's in a wheelchair. They sound elderly on the phone--can't imagine why they--actually, I guess, she--wants to add to their possessions.
Went to the library and got Kissinger's Shadow in book form. I've been listening to the audio version and can hardly believe the horrors this man has set into motion, which persist to this day. The blood drenching his loathsome ninety-two-year-body will pollute the River Styx when he goes and the world will be better off when he does.
Also got Stephen King's newest, plus I'm almost at the end of Johnny Carson. In addition, I have two books by and about George Carlin. Talk about your heroes--there's no justice when he left us so early and H.K. hasn't. Anyway, I have kind of a lot of reading to do.
My husband, Pat, would have been 85 today.

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