Wednesday, February 17, 2016


It was a day of welcome arrivals--not people, but things.
Now that I'm getting serious about decorating the place, I was thrilled to get the sofa (delivered smoothly about 11:00) and it looks good. I had thought I'd flank it with the two end tables from my bedroom and put my antique side table in the bedroom, but that definitely won't work. The bedroom tables are in a vaguely English Victorian style, dainty and with curved legs and so on. They don't go at all with the coach, which I guess is modern, but not the dreary cubist kind. What's more, the sofa is 37.5" deep and the tables are much too small. In addition, my grandmother's antique side table looks nice by my bed, but it has no drawers and I need one for various items. I'll look for other end tables for the sofa and maybe sell or donate the others.
Stopped at the office and talked to manager Janel. I asked if one of the guys could look at my kitchen faucet, which was getting harder and harder to turn from one side of the double sink to the other. Also asked if I could have a door stop for the bathroom door, which opens into what I laughingly call "the hall" (about three feet by three feet between the bath and the bedroom). We discussed the large picture hangings I hope to have up soon and she assured me that, unless the wall gets badly damaged, it would probably be fairly easy to re-do (read "inexpensive," which is all I was thinking about) should I move.
Drove into town, meaning to go to the library, but decided not. Saw an antique store and stopped in. I chatted with the woman and asked if she could recommend an appraiser--I still have my mahogany table on my mind. She took my name and said she'd have the appraiser call me, but when I walked out, I remembered Ellen had said she'd like the table for when she sells her house and gets a new place. I had asked if I could store it in her garage if I got rid of some of my boxes, and she agreed. Must work on that.
Got home and was pleased to find a big box at my door containing the shoji screen I had ordered. Before I got it inside, Israel, the maintenance guy came. He put the new doorstop in, then examined the faucet and said I needed a new one, which he promptly got and installed. Hey, good things going on!
It was easy to get the screen out of the box and I set it up immediately in my bedroom in front of the horrible vertical blinds. I was delighted that, just as I thought, I can keep the blinds open and sunlight in the room, but retain privacy, too.
Speaking of sunlight, it was surely close to ninety yesterday, but not humid, just delightful. It's supposed to cool off today--we'll see.

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