Monday, February 15, 2016

A Condo and a Couch

Spent the morning and early afternoon describing and listing sale items on CraigsList. Ellen called about 2:00--Greg was working--and asked if I wanted to come over to help her out a bit. She had already done a thorough job of cleaning a lot of the upstairs, including the bathrooms, but I helped her move a tall (and heavy) chest from her bedroom into the guest room. That sweet girl then presented me with flowers and a beautiful card for Valentine's day. After that, we went to see a condo for sale not far from where I live, just to get a feel for what's out there.
This is a nice set up. It's in a gated community (you have to punch in a code to drive through the gate) and it's the end unit on one floor, with two bedrooms, two baths, and a two-car garage. The place itself is somewhat dated, and the bedrooms aren't large, but with some re-doing, it would be very nice.
Unfortunately, the asking price isn't. It's astronomical in itself, and the maintenance fee is almost four hundred a month. I remarked to the real estate guy that my fee in Little Egg has been $120 for thirteen years--and it includes snow removal. Yes, he said, but isn't that why you're here--to escape snow, cold, blustery winds? We laughed and agreed it was so, then stepped out into the 84 degree sunshine.
We had taken two cars and met at Green Thumb nursery, where El bought impatiens to plant, plus a pickax Greg had requested, so he can get a stubborn jasmine vine out. It was after 4:00 by then and we parted.
I've decided to buy the couch I've been looking at for weeks and will do that today. Called niece Carolyn to ask if she still wanted the easy chair I dislike and that's too big for the living room. Happily, she does, and that will free up space for when the couch takes over.
Following my "eating down" routine, I had an odd--but to me, perfectly normal--dinner of two vegetarian burgers and a full can of peas. Tasty.

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