Friday, February 26, 2016

A.C. Pictures

As promised, Ryan, the art hanger guy, came at 9:00 am. When he examined the two larger pictures of A.C., he said he thought they needed new "fittings"--I think that means screws, wires, an so on--because they had been on there for some time. The smaller, vertical picture had none on at all. I guess I must have hung that one with those stick-on-and-off picture hangers. They did the job, though--it hung in my dining room for ten or so years. Also, the mirror was slightly warped at the bottom, but that didn't seem to affect it to any extent. Ryan used a different method to hang that.
Anyway, he spent more than an hour in re-fitting, measuring, drilling, and so on; I was pleased he was so meticulous. In the meantime, we chatted and what a neat guy he turned out to be. He's 36 (looks younger), is married, and has two little girls, 4 and 10. He's very tall and thin--I'd say 6' 5" at least, and if he tops 160 pounds, I'd be surprised. He was so friendly and well-spoken, it was a pleasure to talk with him.
Anyway, the pictures are up and--
You know how, sometimes, you imagine how something will look and you envision it being so great, but once it's finished, but it turns out to be a big disappointment? You forgot this or didn't count on that and it just wasn't what you thought it would be-?
But this turned out TERRIFIC! They look just the way I wanted them to and with the charcoal couch (yes, Ellen, you were right again), they're perfect; they even make the place look larger.
Speaking of El, she called while she was still grading papers at school and asked if I could do dinner. Sure thing, but first I asked her to stop in and see "the surprise." She did, loved the living room, and was glad she had urged me to take the plunge with the sofa. We then went to Jasmine Thai where I had a delicious curry that I asked not to have spicy and they complied. Really good, and I'll order it again.
Lunch at Macaroni Grille with Nancy today.

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