Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I was smugly pleased with myself yesterday. I've again been getting up close to my former Jersey time: not at 5:16, but about 6:00 and that suits me. After computer stuff and my initial coffee (and the crossword puzzles), I didn't laze around. I took a wash to the laundry place, came home to eat breakfast, went back to put it in the dryer, then worked on a slight revision to my A Conversation in Summer. I've decided it should take place in April and will change the title to either "...In The Spring" or "...In April," although neither scans as well.
Went back to retrieve and fold my dry clothes, put them away, then went to WinCo for a few items. I looked longingly at some of the hamburger and other meat, but no, I'm determined to empty the freezer and whatever else, so I didn't buy. Got ready to meet my new acquaintance, Marie M., for our movie date.
The showing was at 1:55 and we got there at almost the same time. Oddly, though, I didn't recognize Marie. I had seen her only once, at lunch at the center last week, and I had an entirely different idea of what she actually looks like. However, she greeted me and we soon went into the theatre.
Race was pretty good, but uneven, it seemed to me. I never read reviews of movies I want to see before I see them (don't want to be influenced one way or the other), but I do after. The Time reviewer noted its lack of energy (especially in the first half, it seems to me) and also--something I greatly dislike--its twisting of truth when it glosses over unpleasant facts about Olympic chair Avery Brundage and Leni Riefenstahl. It was okay, though, and a nice way to pass a Monday afternoon.
We stopped into nearby Durgan's Irish Pub after and got to know each other better. Marie, a native Californian, is 72 and identifies herself a pantheist; that's more agreeable to me than a conventional religionist. She has been a dancer since she was a child and still dances as a member of several square dance groups in the area. I was surprised and interested to hear she had been diagnosed with tuberculosis when she was two years old and had been confined to a crib in a sanitarian until she was seven. She said she had to re-learn to walk when she was released--what a dismal story! She was divorced twice and has five each of children and grandchildren.
Marie lives right downtown in a small studio apartment. She's a walker--says she walks six miles a day, which, with the dancing probably shaped her slender figure.
Anyway, we hit it off well. She has lunch at the Center every day and I said I'd come tomorrow, as I have a chest x-ray and pulmonologist appointment this afternoon.

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