Thursday, February 25, 2016


Interesting and varied day. I left for the Senior Center about 10 because Marie had suggested I pay my $3 and get my ticket early. Did so and started chatting with Barry--a big joker and Beverly, the sweet lady who works on the desk. She mentioned that she had organized a dinner group at the Jasmine Thai; this isn't formal--you just call and say you want to go, then order off the menu separately. I've been at the Jasmine Thai several times (Ellen and Greg like it) and it's a pretty small place. If a number show up, it may be hard to seat them, but I'll chance it.
Marie came in shortly and so did Barbara, both of whom I like a lot. Marie and I sat together and were joined by Barry, Ron, and Chuck. Naturally, there are many more women then men (demographically invariable, I guess), but we lucked out with these three guys. They are all close to my age, if not quite up as far as I am, college-educated and intelligent, and we had some good talk and laughs. Lunch was good, too, entree was beef and gravy over rice, plus veggies, and of course, salad, bread and butter, iced tea, and dessert. (I'm compulsive--I have to list the food!)
I mentioned that I'm going to submit a proposal to teach "Acting for Elders" (or "...for Everyone" or "...for Amateurs"--haven't' decided). They were interested, although I'm not sure if the guys would join. We'll see if Hans, director of the center, will even accept my proposal first.
When I left, I went to the library branch that's just a block away. Picked up a book on twins who were separated very young, then reunited later in life. (Although I have four books at home I haven't read yet, plus more in my Kindle, plus the Kissinger audio, I just couldn't resist). On this beautiful sunny day, I then drove into town and went to a few shops and an antique store, where I had looked before at a table I like; can't decide to buy it or get new. I then walked down a side street and saw a funky little curio shop. Went in to look and started talking to Laurie, the woman who works there. We fell into a great conversation and I was there for about 45 minutes. She mentioned she was going to be sixty soon and I was stunned. Of course, everybody looks young to me at this stage of the game, but she's a pretty blonde and looks a lot younger. She said she had sold her large house and bought a small cottage overlooking Ventura. She loves it there. Something that really fascinated me, is the story she told of when she was in college. She enrolled in an acting class and her "partner"--they had to pair up--was Gene Hackman's son. They became friendly and later, Gene Hackman himself coached her in acting--wow!
After that, I drove to the thrift store near Ellen's, thinking I'd take a look. Oh, good, the sign said 50 % off, but I went in and it didn't start until 5:00. Went next door to Ralph's for lettuce and grapes, then back to Goodwill at 5:00 and picked up few things.
I probably spent more in gas going there twice than I saved, especially since what I bought had a purple ticket--which meant it was only 25 percent off! But it's a game; I don't really care (much) about the money. Walked out of there in high spirits. It was February, flowers were blooming all over town, I was in the middle of lots of social activities, and I was happy.

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