Saturday, February 20, 2016

Neighbor, Theatre, and Jim

Lots going on, and all pretty good.
For openers, I got to meet my neighbor--yes, the one who's been gone since I moved to this apartment. For some reason, I had envisioned a little old lady in an apron--something like my Aunt Maggie, but not as sweet. Nope. Laurie looks to be no more than thirty, and is very pleasant and friendly. She had been gone, unfortunately, because her mother died (in San Antonio) and I guess she had to settle the estate. A FedEx guy was bringing box after box for her as we talked and it almost filled up the area between our front doors. Laurie said she had a storage place, too--never a good idea in this situation, if you ask me--but hey, not my call.
We chatted for just a few minutes, then I went off to switch my laundry from wash to dry. I had stopped into the office earlier to 1. thank them for the prompt response to my faucet and door stop requests the other day and 2. tell them the laundry room was pretty messy. It looked as if a washer had leaked and there were lint clumps or something on the floor. I was pleased when I went back that it was already cleaned up.
Put my clothes away, had lunch, then went to the library. Picked up a few books and talked to the librarian for a time. I stopped at Target and another place to look at end tables. So far, I haven't found exactly what I want.
Ellen was going to come over this morning to see my sofa and also, to go to the bank with me so she could co-sign for my safe deposit bank. I figured it would save time for me to go yesterday afternoon, get it set up, then just have El come in with me and sign. I had a box for years at home, and I thought I should here. Waited for a good 45 minutes to see somebody--I should have realized Friday is busy--and when I finally did, it took another fifteen, at least, to get me all documented and certified or whatever they do. Here's the kicker: When I saw the sizes they had, and the fees, it occurred to me I didn't really need such a thing. All my important documents were already in my brief case and there are only a few other items I usually kept there. The paperwork was certainly on file at Chase (mortgage) and all the other places with which I had business, so why bother? No need, I decided, and thanked the bank officer. Called El when I got home and told her I wasn't going to get the box after all (she agreed it wasn't necessary). She and Greg are going with the R.E. agent to look at some places in Ojai today and we'll get together tomorrow when Greg is working.
And there's welcome news on the artistic front: I discovered that the Santa Paula Theatre Company is accepting one-act plays until March 15 for their "Black Box/Backstage" production, which opens in May. Will I submit? Better believe I will and let's hope one of mine might be picked.
Got a birthday call--his, not mine--from my dear brother, Jim. Yesterday was his ninetieth and I had put a partly-joshing tribute to him on Facebook, along with a picture of his and Thereses' wedding. They were married one week after Pat and I were and of course, we attended each other's. He walked me down the aisle at mine, given that my father had been killed when I was 13. I wished him ninety more and I hope that comes to pass.

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