Monday, February 22, 2016


Another self-indulgent Sunday morning--but am I ashamed of it? Hell, no. After being on the computer, I made my usual breakfast, then settled in with another cup of coffee and the Ventura Star's Newsweek crossword puzzle. Just as I had in Jersey, I find the everyday puzzle too easy, the NYTimes one often too difficult, but like Baby Bear, Newsweek is just right.
I was happy to be interrupted by a welcome call from Larry, my Florida brother. We had a good long talk, filling each other in on our balance problems and other, happier news. Larry is a cheery, optimistic guy and I hated to hear him tell me his Helen seems to be experiencing further dementia. Boy, they've had a long, long marriage and have always been one of the most loving couples I know, so this is tough.
Finished the puzzle after, then decided to look again for a sofa table and possibly a floor lamp for the other side of the room. Went to a few places at the mall, and got some ideas, but the stores were so jammed--why do I go shopping on Sundays?--that I fled the place before long.
I'm glad I did because I got a call from my friend in New Mexico. She had designed a headboard and her husband made it with wood taken from a pallet (or "skid") they had picked up at no cost. She sent me a picture of it and boy, does the bedroom look nice. The new headboard is made of weathered slats from the pallet, different colors evident in subtle shades. Some are in the beige to darker brown spectrum, some are close to red, and some are yellow. They're all in earth tones as are the bedclothes and drapes. It looks great in that milieu because it reflects the colors of much of the land.
Later, I drove over to West Ventura and stopped in a few places, then went home to a mediocre frozen dinner. Can't wait until I clear out the freezer and cupboard!

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