Thursday, March 17, 2016

Active Day

A good, active day. I attended the Ventura Council for Seniors meeting at 9:30 and was introduced to participants as a candidate to join the board. (There were several others who have also applied.) At the April meeting, successful applicants will be announced. All that sounds so impressive, but it isn't. This is just a volunteer group--the chair reports to the (elected) Ventura Commission, which has the real power of yea or nay on questions--but it looks pretty interesting, so if accepted, I'll try it.
The speakers were two people from the police department, one a "civilian," the other a cop. They talked about "" and explained it as an on-line help for neighbors in particular neighborhoods. Looks intriguing and I think I'll raise the question of whether we could do this in Colony Parc. I don't see why not and it would be a good way to meet neighbors and possibly, to have some kind of neighborhood watch.
Since the meeting was at the Senior Center, I stayed for lunch, sitting with Barbara, Marie, elderly Betty, and two others I've met before. On my way out, I ran into Hans Hormann (yep, that's his name), director of the Center and to whom I had submitted my "Acting for Elders" proposal. I asked if I could meet with him and we settled on tomorrow. That will work out well for me, as I have a follow-up with the colon doctor 8:15 and I'll just go directly to the center. Later, I got an e-mail from Nancy, asking if we could go to lunch on Friday at Brophy Bros., a restaurant we both like down on the harbor. I wrote back I could, as I should be able to finish up with Hors in time to meet her about noon.
Home, I took a few Tylenol for the knee and decided to finally drive to Whole Foods in Oxnard to drop in on Greg. I did so, approaching the 101 with fear and trembling, but didn't have a problem except that I got off on the wrong side. I had to ask directions for The Collection where Whole Foods is, but I made it over there. I was pleased that Greg did a double take when he saw me, then gave me a big hug. We chatted for a bit, I told him about my knee, and he recommended turmeric. I'll consider it after I talk to the doctor about what's going on with it. We said goodbye with another hug and before I left, I bought a big sweet potato and some beautiful oranges.
Went from there to Target in the same complex. This is the biggest one I've ever seen, with a parking garage underneath and escalators to get upstairs. I looked at floor lamps and saw one I actually like--at 69 bucks or so, not bad at all--however, I couldn't get the damn box into my cart, it was so heavy, so I'll have it sent or something.
From there, I headed home--unfortunately, not directly. I got confused about how to get on the 101 north from there, and drove several miles out of my way before I stopped at a barber shop and got directions. Finally made it, and zipped home with no further problem.
I had forgotten my cousin, John, was going to call me at 3:00 and by the time I got home, it was almost 4:00. He had left a message, I called him back immediately, and we had a good, satisfying talk. I couldn't remember how many children our (joint) grandparents had had and he reminded me: ten, although the youngest, William, died shortly after birth. The others lived to adulthood, with Uncle Frank having the longest life span: 95 years.
After talking to John, I hauled out the large package of chicken pieces I had bought on Tuesday, comprised of both drumsticks and thighs. I oiled and seasoned them, separated them into two pans, and popped them in the oven. Ate one of each and have several in the freezer for later.

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