Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good Day in a Good Week

Yesterday topped off a good week. Went to the colon doctor at 8:15 and was told my ulcer is probably healed, so I don't have to continue the iron or, once I finish the bottle, the omeprazole. He wants me to get a blood test, then see him in three months to be sure the anemia is gone. Okay, that was great news.
After that, I went to see Hans, the Senior Center coordinator, who had read my proposal and approved it. He said he'd have to fit me in for the summer session, but I told him I'd sooner start in the fall (September), which was fine by him. He'll send me the paperwork, which will include the fee I'll specify, plus minimum and maximum class size.
Went to the library from there to pick up a book I had requested from within the system, Andrew Morton's Diana, Her True Story. Every once in a while, I get interested in the royal family and lately, it's been Diana. I've read several books about her--some saccharine, others snide--and will continue with this for a time. I often develop interests in certain topics or people, then I want to read about them extensively. After I get my fill, I may never give them another thought. A few years ago, it was Ernest Hemingway and I read loads of bios, reminiscences, memoirs, and so on for months. Suddenly, I had had enough and "dropped" him for years, but that doesn't mean I won't pick him up again.
Went to the post office and again complained that they had no overseas stamps. I was told that the drug store down on Telegraph Road had them. What? Why would a drug store have them and the post office didn't? I just can't fathom the meaning of all this, but the hell with it. Went home and straightened up the apartment--it's starting to shape up nicely, but still has a way to go--and waited for Nancy. She got here at 1:00, and we set off for Brophy Bros. restaurant at the harbor.
What a delightful place to be on a warm, sunny afternoon! It's on the second floor and overlooks the blue water, with boats of all sizes and shapes docked there. Nancy got a seafood medley (I want to order that next time)and ordered a split of Chardonnay. She got the seafood, but the waitress accidentally brought her champagne. Did she complain? Nope,she said she likes that, too, and just drank it. What a contrast to the harpy at Jasmine Thai, who had fits over what was served.
I got the salmon sesame salad, which was good, and a glass of nice 805 beer (named for the area code here). We had a fine time over lunch, then walked down the quay a bit and sat for another hour on a bench chatting. Nancy's husband died just 14 months ago and in June, she and her children will scatter his ashes on various places he loved in southern and northern parts of the state.
Drove home and dropped Nancy at her car. Will see her again on Monday, as we have the widder group dinner at Yolanda's then.
Betty called and we talked for a time. Got a sysnopsis of my knee x-ray from my primary care doc about my knee x-ray and called to make an appointment. I was told she was booked until the end of April and I told the receptionist I wasn't gong to wait that long. She said she'd ask doc if she'd "double book," whatever that means; otherwise, I told her I'd see someone else. Also got some darling cards--Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter, from the Tokyo Trio. They had been sent back, unfortunately, because they didn't have the apartment number on them. (I may have neglected to add it when I informed them.) The original cards are just adorable and I'll take a pic for Facebook.
The knee is my major concern now and I need to know what, short of surgery, I can do to improve it, if anything.


iloveac said...

Yay and double yay for the ulcer news. Sounds like the anemia is on it's way out too. Maybe a shot of cortisone will fix the knee. Great news about your acting class being accepted-- ask for a nice fee-- - you can always lower it. I guess it's best to find out the going rate first.

Mimi said...

Yes, the doc said the ulcer was almost surely the cause of the anemia. Thanks for mentioning cortisone--I dread, dread, dread the thought of knee surgery, not only for the time it would take, but because people have had varying results. Thanks for the comment, my friend.