Monday, March 07, 2016


They're gone, they're gone--YAY!!
Not who, but what: my antique table, the too-big-for-the-room easy chair I was dying to get rid of, AND my jewel box for which I have no space, either.
I called "Bill," the guy who wanted the jewel box and we agreed to meet at the bank. Did so, I handed over the box and he handed me a twenty. Fair enough, easy money and better, it was out of my hair.
Carolyn and Dana came with their SUV shortly after and carefully carried out and loaded in my Aunt Claire's mother's beautiful mahogany table which was brought over by boat from Ireland 120 years ago. They followed me to Ellen's, who had prepared a place in the living room. It looked great, as it's a much larger area than mine. We three then drove back to my place and they carried out the chair I gave them. That was a lot lighter and easier to handle than the table.
After, my dear niece and her wonderful husband stayed for a half hour to chat--always such a pleasure--then we said goodbye. I immediately called El and asked if she was available for dinner. She was, and I went back over there. She had moved the table from one side of the room to the other and it looks gorgeous under the double windows. I took over some table runners, one I had bought in Thailand, one in Singapore, and the third at Pier One or some other non-exotic place. She selected the Thai one and it looks great on the table.
We then went to Two Trees Cafe and had a casual dinner--burgers and beer for me, the same, but iced tea for her. Of course, the best part was talking and laughing together. Home about 7:30--almost the witching hour for me--after a pleasant and productive day.
When I was chatting with Carolyn and Dana, she asked if I liked it here and, surprised, I said "I love it!" And I do.

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