Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Catching Up

A catching up day. I took my wash to the laundry place, which was occupied, too, by a young neighbor. I've seen this young woman before, but had never spoken to her. She apologized for using three of the four washers and I assured her I had only one load. We then fell into conversation and I got to know her.
Gabrielle ("Gabby") has a very slight accent--almost not there at all--that for some reason, I pegged as Slavic. But no, she later said, she was of Mexican descent; she's lived here since she was a child. She's about to get a divorce from a controlling man (says that's how Mexican men are) and has a 9-year-old daughter who has lupus. I'm not sure if that's serious, but I think it is. She also has a cute little white puff-ball of a doggy--one of the few I think are cute, that is. Anyway, we talked and talked and I learned that she had had to have radiation for "something" in her breast, so is on sick leave, but works for the county in some office or other. As with everyone else in these parts, when she heard I was from Jersey, she said she knew somebody from there, too. We talked so long that my wash finished--it takes 31 minutes--and I was able to put it in the dryer while I was still there. It's nice to get to know others here in Colony Parc and now I know five: my accountant, Michelle; the founder of Golden Girls of Ventura, Cheryl; now Gabby, her daughter, and her little pup.
After lunch, I wanted to get out--if I can avoid it, I never spend a full day inside, nor did I in Jersey--and drove into town. Went to the Goodwill and saw a large ceramic pot I thought I'd pick up for the patio. However, it was just an impulse and I've resolved not to buy anything that's just to look at, and/or that I can't use right away. I have enough I'm still trying to get rid of without adding more.
Saw that there's a writer's group that meets at a coffee shop this morning. I'm toying with the idea of going--maybe. They meet every Wednesday at the same coffee shop, so I may defer it.

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