Sunday, March 20, 2016


Decided to stay in yesterday (well, that lasted until after lunch) to rest my knee. I actually got a fair amount done of things that had been "hanging fire," as the saying goes (must look up where that's from).
In the middle of some paper (computer) work, I got a text, then a call from my tenant, Eileen, who said the furnace had stopped again on Friday. That wasn't good news, but read on: Incredibly, it was just a few weeks ago that I subscribed to a home service contract ($276) that covers the furnace, water heater, and something else. In fact, I just got the first bill--which isn't due until March 26--for it yesterday and I hadn't even paid it yet. Turns out Eileen called them, they came and fixed it, and there was no charge! Wow--great, that's one for our side!
I was pleased when my pal, Pat R., commented yesterday about the possibility of a cortisone shot. I know others who get this, and I hope it's an alternative to surgery.
Got restless, natch, and went out after lunch. Drove to the supermarket near Ellen's, got a few things, then called her to see if I could get some of my boxes from her garage. I kept saying I was going over there and get them out of there and I kept meaning to, but hadn't done it. This time I did, although there are plenty more left. Got a large container with more pictures (groan). These are ones I really cherish, including an original oil of the mountain in Hong Kong (Mike used to live there), the portrait of my grandfather in his Civil War uniform, and a water color of flowers I won years ago in a lottery at my Aunt Claire's assisted living facility (yes, the same aunt who gave me the antique table).
I wish I could say these were the only pictures I have left, but they aren't. There are plenty more and I simply may have to relinquish them, as I have no room for them. I put a large (26" x 32") one on CraigsList. This is an antique picture of an old-fashioned sail boat on what looks like a European beach. I'm trying to post a picture here, but not sure if it'll take. (It didn't.)
I ran into my little friend, Gabby, and we exchanged phone numbers and e-mails. Her little girl was with her and I said, "Hello, Dominique." She responded, but looked a little puzzled. Her mother then told me her name isn't "Dominique," but "Lilac." Unusual, but pretty, and I love lilacs, which I don't think grow here.
For dinner, I had a large sweet potato. That was all I wanted and that was all I ate.

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