Sunday, March 13, 2016

Not Much

Sort of a draggy day. I finally wrote the two letters to the two divisions of New Jersey taxation to change my address. So annoying: You can't do it over the phone or via e-mail; you have to mail it in a letter. Went to the P.O. to mail them and pick up some overseas stamps which they finally, at long last, got in. I was surprised to see they're open until 3:00 on Saturday; in Little Egg, it's only until 1:00.
Went to Walmart and got an extendable curtain rod--I think it's actually a shower rod--to put across my closet opening. I had asked to have the door removed because it encroached on the space of the bedroom, but I plan to put sheers over it. Looked for them, but didn't find what I wanted either there or at Target. I did get some Easter cards for the children at Target. Went to Burlington Co. (used to be "Coat Factory"), but they had nothing and what's more, the store itself is crappy.
E-mailed my children about the earthquake--boy, it's not something I want repeated. I'm on the first floor and I can see the second crashing down on me. (Oh, Mimi, don't be so dramatic.)
Called AAA because I thought they hadn't taken out the monthly charge this month, but they had. I find it annoying that it's slightly different each month--it was explained to me, but I can't recall why--but it can't just be automatically paid. Did a lot of other stuff on the computer.
Drove into town, planning to go to the museum and see when their "Hollywood in Ventura" program is, but traffic on Main Street was diverted because (it looked to me) the high school was having a parade. I didn't bother turning left toward the museum, but went to the right and home instead.
I had put one of the pork loins in the slow cooker with mushroom soup and Lipton Onion and when I got home, it was done. So good I ate half (it was a small one) for early dinner.
Started Dazzler, a thick bio of Moss Hart. I had read his auto-bio, Act One years ago. I'm enjoying this one, as he lived in New Hope, right across the Delaware from where I did (but not at the same time). Also, I was in his comedy, You Can't Take It With You, as Gay Wellington, a drunken actress, so we're practically related.

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