Monday, March 14, 2016

Knee and Pics

Aside from my knee, which has been killing me, Sunday was a good day. Changed my sheets and finally duplicated a lot of play programs, newspaper clippings, and other blurbs of shows I was in and/or directed. I'm going to start getting serious about promoting my acting classes.
My cell phone is still on regular time, as I didn't see anyway to change it--not under settings or anything else--darn. I was also surprised that my computer didn't automatically go to an hour later for DST. However, Ellen came over to hang my pictures, looked at it, and saw my location was in as Baja, California, Mexico. Not sure how that happened.
Anyway, I wanted her to hang just the heavier pictures, especially my Uncle Frank's painting of the farm house in Plymouth Meeting. It had fallen after I put it up on one of those Command hangers, which wasn't meant for a picture that heavy. Anyway, she hammered to nails in the wall and it should certainly hold. She also put up the painting he did of the house from a different angle, in snow. She did the same with two pictures Pat and I had bought years ago in Virginia. The originals depict ornate vases with dried flora from the northeast, one picture showing what would be common in February, Pat's birth month and the other in December, mine. I've always liked them and they look quite attractive and very feminine over my bed. Luckily, Ellen also put them up with nails in the wall--they're right over my pillow.
El said I should put an ice pack on my knee. Didn't have one, so I used frozen peas, which worked well. When she left, I went out to CVS to get a pack, but their parking lot was being repaved and I didn't feel like maneuvering around the tiny area left. I'll get them today. As long as I was in the car, I went to WinCo and got provisions for the week.
I get my knee x-ray and bone density test in a few hours.

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