Thursday, March 10, 2016

Not a Lot

Not a whole lot going on. For the first time in months, I had sleep problems over Tuesday/Wednesday night: woke up about 3:00 for the usual, but then couldn't get back to sleep before a lot of tossing and turning. Finally did, and got up for good at 6:15, which was okay by me. Last night was better.
I decided not to go the the writers' group in town; may next time, as they meet every Wednesday.
I had bought ground turkey, so added egg and bread crumbs and made meatballs. Browned them, got some spaghetti sauce out of the freezer and cooked the balls through. Went to WinCo after, as well as a few other stores.
I've been trying to ignore it, but now I'm afraid my left knee is clamoring too loudly for attention. It hurts when I walk and takes me several minutes before I can without stiffness and pain. I remembered the doctor had given me an RX to get it x-rayed, but I mislaid the paper. Stopped at her office to get a copy and was pleased to see I could go to Rolling Oaks Radiology nearby; I had thought I had to travel to Camarillo. I went to Rolling Oaks just to be sure they take my insurance--they do--and will make an appointment shortly.
Got home to find my friend in New Mexico had both called and Skyped. Got together with her on Skype and enjoyed a house tour. I love the place--it's so spacious and nicely laid out, and is in a semi-rural area; very inviting. Their furniture they had in Cream Ridge looks great in it, too. I plan to go there in September as soon as they come back from a trip east.
My friend has a little jewelry business and has given Ellen, me, and others some very attractive necklaces She makes them out of clay and fires them in an outdoor microwave. She takes custom orders and yes, gets paid for them. She showed me a nice piece she made for someone in in shades of blue and the approximate shape of New Mexico, with a star at (roughly) the location of their mountain town. Very creative.
Seeing her was the high point of my day.

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