Friday, March 18, 2016

A Frame and Thai

In the main, it was a varied and satisfying day, the only negative being my knee, which still hurts. I'll call for a doctor's appointment today.
Spent the morning assembling the paper info on my "acting career," which I had duplicated a few days ago. I had three of each piece and it took several hours to assemble them and fasten them with paper clips. I'll decide later how best to arrange them--whether with tape, staples, or whatever.
After lunch, I took to Aaron's Frames one of my father's large college pictures from Villanova. This is of him and his fellow members of the debating team, a mate to the one of him and his running squad. The glass had separated from the frame and neither Ellen or I could get it back in. I told the salesperson--Joseph--that I knew they framed pictures, but I wanted to keep the original. I just wanted it put back together--and how much would he charge? He said fifty bucks and I gasped in horror. "I'll pay twenty-five," I said. He countered with thirty and I agreed to that. (Geez, I thought, it's a big chain store and there wasn't a soul in it but two sales people, Joseph and anther guy.) He got a phone call and asked me to give him fifteen minutes. Sure, I said, and I went next door and picked up a few items.
When I came back, it was all finished. He had not only reassembled it, but he added wire (which had somehow come off) to the back, so I was pleased. Paid, walked out, and now I'll decide where to hang the two pictures.
I took a dry run to find Brophy Bros., the restaurant at the harbor where Nancy and I will have lunch today. I've been there before and thought sure I could find it, but didn't. Let's hope I have time to try again aftr I see Hans at the Senior Center.
Set off about 4:30 for the "Supper Club" gathering at Jasmine Thai, which is somehow affiliated with the Senior Center; I'm not sure of the connection. There were already several people there, but I didn't know any of them. Soon, others came, so there were about twenty of us. Sweet little Beverly, who works at the Center, fluttered around telling everyone the restaurant wouldn't give us separate checks, so we'd have to bundle them in groups of five, and she hoped everybody had cash. I didn't and said I'd was paying with a debit card, but it all turned out all right because they did, after all, give us separate checks.
As always seems to happen after a certain age, I got acquainted quickly. I talked across the table to a sourpuss named Avonne (not "Yvonne"), who immediately started railing against "the terrorists" who invade other countries. She was not amused when I remarked she must mean the U.S. Happily, more people came in and sat next to, and across from me, and I turned my attention to them. It was much more convivial after that.
Georgia and I had a good chat and her husband, Bill, poured me a sip of his Chang beer (it's Thai), which I liked so much, I ordered a bottle myself. Ron and Kathleen across the table proved to be interesting conversationists, too, and I greatly enjoyed them. Rosalie, her husband, and some others, were fun to be with, too.
At one point, I looked toward the door and who was coming in but Ellen. Greg was working late and she had ordered Thai to go, as she often does, so we chatted until she paid her bill. I ordered the curry dish I had before, as it isn't spicy. Didn't eat it all and the wait person put it in a container, but I forgot it. No problem, there wasn't much left anyway and I don't happen to have any rice to put it on.
Left about 6:30 after a very pleasant outing. I think I'll go with this group next month, too.

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