Saturday, March 12, 2016

Little Items and Earthquake

Got lots of piddling little chores and errands done. Filled my weekly medication containers, so I'm set for the next seven weeks. Went to the bank to deposit a check, which I'll transfer electronically to Vanguard as soon as it clears. Stopped at Walmart for the Sominex knockoff sleep aid I've taken every night for ten years. After lunch, I took my car to Pep Boys and had air put in the tires. Went from there to Big Lots to see of they had any decent floor lamps. I didn't see any and the place is a dump, anyway. From there, drove to the library to renew two books and ask where the one I requested might be. Lori was there and didn't see it on my account, but re-ordered it. Stopped at the post office to mail a St. Patrick's Day card to Mr. K. Went from there to the supermarket, as they were having a sale on pork and beef products. I picked up two pork loins and beef neck bones for soup. Kept one loin out, put the other and beef in the freezer.
I think I deserve a medal because I got some of this done while--it was raining! Yes, water came out of the sky for about three hours total, maybe, with stops and starts. In Jersey it would have been hardly worth notice, but here, even I was gratified to see a fairly steady flow part of the time. I took my umbrella and actually opened it now and then.
Geez: I woke up a little after midnight for the usual reason and as I sat on the bed, I felt it shake. Later, I thought I must have--oh, I don't know--somehow jiggled it. Just now, I read there was an earthquake in Ojai, a few miles from here! Aagh--my first earthquake in California!


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