Thursday, March 24, 2016

Down, Then Up

I felt a little down this morning and looking around the apartment, I could see why. I've been careless lately and it was messier than I like it. I always find that somewhat depressing (though not in a clinical sense). I resolved to do something about it, so I emptied all the wastebaskets and took a big bag to the trash enclosure; ran the dishwasher, then put away the clean dishes; removed the bed sheets and took them with other wash to the laundry; paid several bills on-line and sent a check to Vanguard; dusted the flat surfaces; thought about vacuuming (I'll do it another time!); and shifted around some of the things in my closet. I got a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from that and what's more, everything looks neat and tidy again, so now I was up.
After lunch, I went to the physical therapist's place and made four appointments. It's too bad the first isn't until next Thursday, but in the meantime, I'm going to take my friend, Pat R.'s advice and try Aspercreme. Several people have told me to ice the knee, but that honestly doesn't seem to help. Snuck into somebody's house to leave on her kitchen table two little Easter gifts for her and her guy.
When I got home, I picked up the mail. My tenant, Eileen, had sent me the "bill" for the furnace--no charge!--and Bill G. sent a bill for the three outdoor lights he replaced--$164, but that includes both labor and fixtures, and I'm sure is fair. Bill lives four doors down from my house in Sunrise Bay. I've known him and Elaine for 13 years and I trust him completely.
Sat down at the computer again after dinner and was pleased to see an e-mail from Aline. I wrote her back and sent her pics of precious Mr. K., whom she calls "our baby." Called her, too, and we talked and talked and talked for more than an hour. I like it here so much and I do have friends, but they can't take Aline's place.
Of course, nobody can take Ellen's place, either, and I'm so happy to be near her. Speaking of whom: She called last night, too, telling me the Easter bunny had left her and Greg some things, and we had a nice chat. I'll see her on Sunday; plans still fluid on what we'll do.

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