Thursday, March 24, 2016

Frustration Two

Well, not really frustrated, but just taken aback. I had decided to go to the writers' group after all and printed out two of my plays in case attendees were expected to bring some of their work. The meeting was listed on the "Peace" web site as from 10 to 12 at Tatiana's Coffee Shop on Main Street. I got there about five of and was greeted by--I guess--Tatiana, a very pleasant young woman. Unfortunately, she said, that the leader of the group had gone to Florida and she didn't think she was coming back. Was the group disbanded? No, she didn't think so, but she thought they met in a different place each week. She was nice enough to ask for my contact info and said she'd give it to one of the members.
Well, that was that and now I had time on my hands before my 1:30 doctor's appointment. No prob, I had a list of a few things I had forgotten to pick up before and I bought them. The only thing I couldn't find anywhere was cream blush; I had read years ago that, when you get older, cream is better than the powder kind.
Got to the doctor's office a bit early and she took me early, too. She said--as I knew, having gotten the report--that I have an arthritic knee. Also, the dexa test revealed some bone deterioration. Well, both of them I expected and assume it comes with the territory--aging, I mean. However, she wants me to get some blood tests to be sure it isn't from some other cause, then see her in June. The colon doctor gave me the same instructions, so I guess I can combine the tests.
As for the knee, doc wrote out a prescription for PT to try first, which is fine by me (and I'm sure my friend in New Mexico will be pleased). I'll try to get over to the PT place tomorrow.
I was delighted to get a call from my brother, Frank. Ellen had already told his daughter, Francine, who had invited up up to Alameda for Easter, that we wouldn't be able to come. Gregg has to work and to be honest, I wouldn't look forward to spending eight hours on the train. However, Frank said he and Marybeth are coming to Ventura for a wedding next month and we can get together then. Happy day--in fact, I had been going to plan a trip up to see them, also. I could, and may still, do that,too.
Niece Carolyn returned my call and we had a nice chat. She'll give me a call when they get back from Alameda and we'll do lunch.


iloveac said...

I find rubbing Aspercreme or the CVS brand Arthritis cream (same active ingredient) into joints is helpful. I also like Capzacin or Capsaicin (CVS brand..same active ingredient which is cayenne pepper). The cayenne pepper can burn your hands when you rub it in into your I use a vinyl glove when I apply it.
I didn't get much help from PT, but maybe you will. As far as the bone loss....that surprises me with all the walking you did in Jersey. Walking is the best thing you can do, but with arthritis of the knee you will have to do something else for weight bearing.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Pat; I'll try the Aspercreme, although the ice didn't seem to have much effect. Yes, it seems unfair after all the walking I did. See tomorrow's entry for an update.