Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Bit of Frustration

Frustrating part-of-the-day! I resolved to go to the Walmart in Oxnard to look for white sheers I had seen in Ventura, but they had only one and I need two. I bravely got on the 101 and got off where Yahoo Directions had told me to--62B--turned left, then left again, as I was supposed to, and--it wasn't there! I found myself in the same loop-type road I was in last week. Drove around for a good 35 minutes, in and out of The Collection and then, turning down a street, there I saw it, right in front of me. Only problem was, it was the other side of the 101. Practically gnashing my teeth, I drove here and there and finally got to the damn place. It was at that point that I remembered this was the Walmart that sells only food--it's a supermarket, dammit! I went into World Market, but saw nothing but mediocre, high-priced junk, probably made on Division Street in Newark.
I left, drove home, had lunch, calmed down, and went to WinCo for provisions, then to the bank for register books, then to the library. While there, Lori, the branch manager, whom I've gotten to know, asked me if I knew where Jim Barrett, the author of the Ma Duncan book, lived. She said her coordinator would like to see if he'd give a talk on the case. I was sure he lived somewhere nearby, but looked it up when I got home. I was mistaken; his web site said he now lives in "northern California and Idaho." I called Lori to tell her and she appreciated it. She indicated that was the end of that idea...
...but why? I suggested she might want to contact him anyway. Maybe he'd spring for the cost of coming here, especially as he has other books to promote. And if not, what harm was done? I always think you should try to achieve or reach or attain something, even if you think it won't work. I do and I figure about 80 percent of the time, it does work.
By that time, my somewhat pissy mood had faded, partly because it was silly to be annoyed over not finding Walmart. Also, I got a lovely and very warm e-mail back from Vickie W., one of my favorite people from Rider. Vickie is the head (not sure of her title) of the security department at Rider and, oh, boy, judging by pictures on the web site, it's gotten to be a large and very professional group. I like Vickie so much and will keep in touch with her and David.
When I got up just now, I found new pictures and videos of Mr. K.--such fun to see him on the train and hear him chattering away. Wish I could just hug and hold him.

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