Monday, March 21, 2016


Snooze of a day. I got up early--5:30--and did my usual, then breakfast, then the crossword. Called my friend, Marge, and talked to her for a time. She's had so many physical setbacks in her 89 years and 3 months. The latest is a bad back, which happened when she was told to bend over in a doctor's office. She was too modest (or something) to say, but I assume it was for a rectal specimen. Why the idiot doc didn't have her lie on the table, I don't know. Anyway, she's been suffering ever since. Taking Percoset, but it makes her woozy. She sounded terribly down on the phone and no wonder. She's had a lot to deal with and I think she's just ready to quit. We spoke for only a few minutes, as I didn't want to tire her.
Also called my friend in New Mexico and had a much more agreeable conversation. Being an OT, she interpreted my knee x-ray report, then we chatted about fun matters.
I thought I'd stay in, but got antsy, so left after lunch and went for a drive, then to the 99-cent store for a few minor items. I decided to stop at the Goodwill and buy the lawn chair I had seen on Saturday--well, wouldn't you know, it was gone. I'll buy new, I guess, although I don't need it immediately.
When I got home, I actually took a nap on the couch. I don't really like to do that, but it did help my knee. In fact, the knee doesn't bother me a lot at home--I guess walking on concrete is the problem.
Finally replied to my old pal, Dave Perry, who was our management information systems guy when I was a Rider. He's a Westminster grad (organ), lives in Point Pleasant, and we always had a good rapport, both generally being nay-sayers. Anyway, we've been e-mailing, but I owed him one and sent it off.
So ho-hum, and I was glad when the day was over.

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