Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Lunch and "Spotlight"

Gee, I'm enjoying a string of good days. Met my widder group (there were only six yesterday) at Yolanda's for lunch and greatly enjoyed it. Co-founders Vera and Susan, both widowed in their early thirties, asked to be my Facebook friends, which pleased me. Susan said she was having an "old movie with wine" party (has something to do with Turner Classics) and would I like to come? Well, sure, just let me know when. Gayle the Gabber was there, but was less obnoxious than usual, I thought. It occurred to me that, while I greatly enjoy being with those in my own age group, I need to interact regularly with younger people. It introduces me to new perspectives and keeps me less dogmatic--I hope.
We talked about all kinds of things, not dwelling on our spouses' deaths, although that certainly isn't a taboo subject. I had a Caesar wrap-something with chicken; I just asked Susan what she was ordering and said I'd have the same. Very tasty, although I doubt if it's Mexican, which is fine by me; took half home for dinner. Also had Modesco--well, it started with "Mod"--a Mexican beer, served with lime as Corona is, and that was good, too. After, I drove into town, and took advantage of Geezer Monday (they don't call it that) when tickets are only $5.50 and saw Spotlight.
Hey, that was one hell of a good movie. I was riveted the entire time. I thought the acting was superb and the script excellent. Of course, the topic is a well known one, the circumstances being both horribly tragic and infuriating in the extreme. Really an excellent movie. I understand the church lost some adherents when they learned of this sad history, but that doesn't make sense. I was taught in parochial school that if a belief or conviction is valid, it shouldn't be denied simply because of the failings of some of its representatives. Seems to me that makes sense, so if one embraces a belief, even if it doesn't stand up to hard evidence, the integrity of those who lead it shouldn't be a factor one way or the other.
Stopped at the library after (it's only a half block away) to return some stuff and get an audio book for the car. Don't like it, though, so will for a better one when I go back.
Got an e-mail from Nancy and called her. She wasn't able to make the lunch, as her allergies were acting up. She has to go today to Oxnard to have a consultation with the dental surgeon, as she needs some (gruesome--I should know) work done in her mouth. We talked for a bit and decided to meet up next week for lunch.

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