Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Breeze

Yes, I made it to T.O.P.S. I was chagrinned that I "maintained," as we say, but that my have been a result of crackers and salsa the night before.
Did this and that until my appointment at the harbor with Shelton Brown, publisher of The Ventura Breeze. We met and he treated me to a raspberry Snapple, then we sat on a patio and talked and talked.
He didn't exactly "interview" me; in fact, he talked more about his background, which was okay with me, as I found it and him interesting. He said he'd have one of his writers contact me by phone or e-mail. Shelton is about my age--maybe a few years younger--and has a--well, a bit of an unkempt appearance. He has wild white hair, quite long, and a bushy white beard. He doesn't look like Santa, though, as he's rail-thin and Jewish. He was wearing something like jeans, but green, and a green tee shirt, both of which have clearly been worn and washed many times.
He's a big talker and filled me in on his background: born in Detroit, brought up in L.A., lives with second wife in midtown, has three children, two grandchildren, and has owned and published the Breeze for ten years. He has absolutely no background in publishing, writing, or anything else remotely connected to the enterprise. In fact, he went to U.C.L.A studying to be an architect; I'm not clear on whether he ever graduated. Anyway, we met for about an hour and I gave him my theatrical resume, plus some other info on me and told him how and why I got to Ventura.
It was a nice interlude and it can't hurt to have my acting class mentioned. I'm looking forward to hearing from the writer, whose name, incredibly (according to Sheldon, her mother gave all her children nicknames), is "Breezy."
Good new, too: Mike wrote to say he and the girls have booked at the Best Western Ventura for their stay here from July 12 to the 16th--YAY!

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