Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 21 and July 15

First thing--well, second, after coffee and computer, of course--I drove to Kimball Park to walk my mile and a quarter. This time, the nurse was there and she took my BP before (132/70) and after (144/80). I'm not absolutely sure that's good--that is, whether there's supposed to be such a big jump, but the nurse said it was okay.
Happy day, my tummy seems to have recovered. Had a salad and what was left of the spinach/shallot/carrot dish I had made the other day and had no problem. Went to Ralph's and got a pork loin; ran into Carole F. there and we had a good chat. Home, I put the pork (I could never turn Jewish or Muslim) in the slow cooker with an envelope of Lipton onion and a can of mushroom soup, plus water. When I got home after being out, I had myself some slices of it. Absolutely delish!
Mike sent a beautiful picture of my girl--and her guy--with his two girls at the door of the RV. I love the picture--tried to get it on here, but it didn't work, for some reason, darn it. It seems I have to enable cookies to get pictures on here and I "asked" Microsoft 10, which I hate, hate, hate, and wish to consign to hell, wrote down what it said (three simple steps), but wasn't able to follow.
I was thrilled to get a phone call from the aforementioned girls who are now in Wyoming and will be for six days. Talked to Vivian and Violet, both of whom wished me Happy Anniversary at their Auntie's urging, and heard that they saw buffalo roaming free and were having a fine time. What I would have given to have an adventure like that at their age. Also was told that my dear grandson and his dear sons had gotten an apartment in Bordentown, and will move July 15. That happens to be the same day I moved here last year--auspicious date!
Got a note from the publisher of the Ventura Breeze that he'd like to meet with me and work up a story about my acting "career." I disabused him of the notion that it's a career (I wish) and said it's a fun activity, but I'm okay with a story, as it may be good publicity for the class I'll conduct at the Adult Center.

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