Saturday, June 11, 2016

SCAN and Music

After T.O.P.S., I went home to this and that, then readied myself for the SCAN Mediterranean luncheon at 11:30. Met Carole there and she said my friend, Sue (of the Sailboat) has stopped to ask her to tell me her husband's diagnoses had been made and she felt "twenty pounds lighter." I called her in the evening and she confirmed, but said she "couldn't talk now," presumably because Mac was nearby.
Back to the SCAN luncheon: It was good and about what I expected--cubes of grilled chicken, salad, hummus and whole wheat pita bread, honey dew and watermelon. The portions were smaller than what I usually eat, but it was filling. Margaret, the nutritionist, then gave a talk on diet which, in truth, covered the information we've all known for forty years. Few overweight people don't know why they're overweight (oh, I take in too many calories and don't expend enough? I didn't realize that.), but I guess it's helpful to hear it reinforced. Dr. W. then gave the last of his talks, which more or less replicated Margaret's; not terribly stimulating, but okay.
After, I told Doris I was going over to the Ventura Townhouse for music and wine Friday, but she decided against it. Her knee is very bad and her doctor is sending her to UCLA Medical Center for a second opinion, as he said he can try another replacement, but he isn't optimistic. Otherwise, she'll just have to live with it.
At The Townhouse, I enjoyed the piano player/singer and the Chardonnay. Talked to the director and asked if I could call her to arrange a tour, which I will next week. Went home and called Betty for a chat, then called Sue. Told her about The Townhouse musical Fridays and she said she'd like to go with me, so I'll call her for next time.

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