Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Okay Day

Got up a bit after 6:00, a little earlier than I have been. Just as well, as Betty called about 7:00. Spent most of the morning on the crap I deal with so often: paperwork and computer work. I sent an e-mail to five of my friends--in truth, I have only five friends here--to see if any or all of them might want to go to the museum on Monday evening. They're having a talk and exhibit called "I Shot Hollywood" by a well-know photographer and his pictures of celebs.
Went out to get cards for the family birthday and anniversaries coming up--besides Father's Day, there are three birthdays and an anniversary in June. Impulsively, I stopped at Ventura Del Sol to look at apartments. Saw two one-bedroom that are--get this: not only considerably larger than mine, but that rent for LESS. It's a good area, too, across from orchards and closer to Ellen's. What's more, it doesn't allow animals and has storage that had me practically salivating. The apartments differ in only one respect: The carpeting in one extends into the eating area (as mine does here), the other has had plank flooring installed. I certainly much prefer that, but not $125 a month worth, which is what the difference is.
The apartments aren't absolutely perfect, as they have electric stoves and I wasn't nuts about the view out some of the windows, but considering the other advantages, I could live with that stuff. Went home and had lunch, then thought I'd drove to the Saticoy branch of the library.
I somehow got in the wrong lane, then took a wrong road, and found myself lost. Had to stop in a place to ask directions and was told I was in a town called El Rio--I had never even heard of it before. However, it was only nine miles to Santa Paula and I got back fairly easily; anyway, it was light out, so I wasn't worried.

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