Thursday, June 23, 2016


El and I went to several possible rentals, plus Ventura Townhomes, an independent/assisted living facility. The latter has some wonderful views--on a clear day, you can see the ocean--from the sixth and seventh floors, but you'll pay an extra 400 a month for them. There are also "cottages" in the gardens in the back and they're very attractive. The usual--dining room, hairdresser, gym, medical staff, and so on--are provided and even, incredibly, Mr. Rosen, a tailor. Of all the similar places I've seen around here, this is probably my favorite. However, I have no desire to live there at this point and couldn't afford it, anyway.
We also visited apartment complexes: Pacific Views (very nice, but I'm not crazy about the location) and Ventura Del Sol. El liked this a lot, and I do, too, but there are some negatives. One is the electric stove, another is that the carpeting extends not only to the dining area, but incredibly, into the vanity part of the bathroom (toilet and tub are separate). Also, one would have to provide one's own microwave--odd, but no big deal, really. I loved the storage space and the fact that the bedroom has a regular window, not a sliding glass door. However, since my lease isn't up until September, the whole thing is moot right now, although I want to feel the Colony Parc office manager out about the possibility of moving without a fee.
Re fees: I just got my July rent bill and am again amazed and infuriated that the water and sewer charge is an extra $38 a month. Add that to the $12.80 for trash removal, dollar for pest control (what pests? There are no pests in California except the ones who own apartment complexes), and the one that makes me bang my fist on my head: $3.85 for the company that makes up the bills! These extras vary only very slightly month-to-month, and come to roughly $668 per year, highway robbery by anyone's reckoning. Of course, I pay electric, gas, and cable directly.
Very significantly, at Ventura Del Sol, not only is the actual rent $105 less per month, but the owners pay water, trash, and sewer, bringing the tab down to more than $160 or close to two thou a year. Hey, that should settle it--I'm moving!

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