Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Chores and Stuff

After a slow one on Monday, I geared up yesterday. Did regular wash, plus the bathroom rugs, and cleaned the bathroom thoroughly before putting them back. Washed the kitchen floor and dusted here and there. After lunch, went to Ralph's for food items. Called Bob S. to tell him I'd send a check for him to turn the sprinkler systems on; sent my tenant, Eileen, a note to that effect. Stopped at Quest to make an appointment for my next blood test; luckily, I don't have to fast, so will go on Thursday at 1:30.
Went to Bank of Aggravation just to get quarters and was annoyed to find myself in a line for twenty minutes. I can't understand why this happens all the time. I complained to the teller, but of course, she has nothing to do with it. Went next door to Ventura Credit Union and got information; I'd rather patronize a credit union, anyway. However, because I do virtually all my banking on-like, it's such a tremendous hassle to change banks, I may stay with BOA.
Marge's DIL had sent me the info that Marge is now in Seacrest Rehab (where Pat had been several times) only a short distance from her home. She suggested I call and I did. Marge sounded very frail and said she had had a bad day, so I said I'd call in a few days. I hope she rallies.

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